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Update v0.7.0, Work Smart, Comes to Good Company!

Calling all our brainy tycoons 📢 Your Summer’s about to get a lot more entertaining! Good Company has just got its most important update to date, Work Smart.

What makes this update so exciting?

With the introduction of Work Smart, players can now make use of Work Zones to create automatic logistic connections and more easily organise their production lines. This goes hand in hand with the new Courier System and pairs nicely with the shiny new treats Good Company has lined up and waiting for you, like:

⭐ Additional conveyor parts 🔩

⭐ A beach-in’ Freeplay map 🌴

⭐ New products (just wait till you see the retro Cassette Player) 🎶

⭐ New automated production machines ⚙️

You’ll also notice changes to how the Market works, adjustments to some levels and challenges, and balancing updates.

If this all sounds like a bit too much to wrap your head around, don’t worry – The in-game tutorial in the first 3 campaign levels has also been updated to help you navigate these changes with ease.

Work Smart - Cassette Player

If you’d prefer a more in-depth read, grab your favourite snack and check out the patch notes over on Good Company’s Steam page!

Don’t forget, you can grab Good Company on both Steam and GOG 🤖

If you’d like to know more about Chasing Carrots and Good Company, head on over to their website, Facebook and Twitter, or join their active community on Discord!

Happy CEO-ing tycoons! 🎮

Good Company - Work Smart Blog Header