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PC Building Simulator Esports Expansion has arrived!

Be the unsung hero of every esports team – the tech support

Today we are ecstatic to let you all know that we have dropped the first PC Building Sim Expansion!

The Esports Expansion is a brand new campaign for you to dive right into. You start as a tech support for a humble esports team and will rise up the ranks as you juggle demands from players, sponsors and the manager.

Watch the brand new trailer below 👇🖱️

Key Esports Expansion Features: 

🖥️ Create, fix and upgrade rigs for professional esports players to make sure your team rises to the top.

🖥️ 3 playable esports teams, 5 games and 13 real world sponsors including AMD, NVIDIA, NZXT, RAZER, CORSAIR and Republic of Gamers.

🖥️ A brand new 12+ hour campaign mode.

🖥️ Manage team budgets and create builds featuring sponsor parts.

🖥️ Introducing a new side-kick…your Smartphone! You will now have access to a bunch of apps on your phone which will navigate you through the campaign.

🖥️ Apps
WhazzUpp – a way to receive requests directly from the players.
LikedIn –  where you will receive likes on how well you work, you can also get job offers from more prestigious teams this way.
Esports Central – where you can access information on current / past league results, team and game info.

🖥️ Locations
There are 3 new workshops to uncover and they get fancier as you join higher profile teams.
Backstage area – where you will set-up PCs on match day and deal with last minute demands.
Arena – where matches take place. You will gain access to this just before the match and are given a time limit to set-up PCs.

We have also added a whole bunch of fixes to the game thanks to our awesome community testing group, the Beta Builders!

Read the full patch notes here on Steam.

Grab your energy drinks and we’ll see you in the arena!