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Going Medieval launches on June 1st! ⚒

Hey settlers!

We’ve got a whole stack of Going Medieval news to share – so sit down, grab a brew and let’s get started ☕

Release Date

We can confirm that Going Medieval will be launching into Early Access on June 1st! This means you have just under one month to wait until the game will be available – so start blueprinting your castle designs, sharpen your weapons and let the countdown commence.

We can also confirm the launch price will be £19.99 / €22.99 / $24.99 with a 10% discount.

More ways to play!

We wanted to make sure that the Early Access experience would be available in various ways for people on PC. So we are excited to let you know that Going Medieval will be available on Epic Games Store, GOG & Steam from June 1st in Early Access!


Pre-launch Beta

We promised the community we would be hosting one final beta before launch and we can now let you all know that our pre-launch beta will be happening from May 21st 9:00AM – May 24th 9:00AM BST. You can pick up the Beta on Epic Games Store during this time, or you can sign-up for the beta on the Steam page right now – everyone that signs-up will get access to the beta during this period, yay!

To top this all off, your progress from the beta will carry across to the final Early Access version of the game on June 1st, so you will not need to wait very long before you can pick the game back up and continue building the most glorious settlement!

So much exciting news in one newsletter huh? If you’re interested in finding our main hub for all community chatter, head on over to the Going Medieval Discord channel now – make sure you pick your role wisely. Thank you all so much for the support so far, we cannot wait for you all to dive in and show us your achievements.

P.S don’t forget to Wishlist the game on Epic Games Store, GOG or Steam now to be alerted when it becomes available.

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