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Ready for a Balsa test flight? Sign-up for the beta now!

Update: We have now hit capacity for the beta and have closed the sign-up form. Thank you so much for helping us hit this so quickly! We’ll have more news about the date/time very soon so stay tuned 🙂

It’s been a very busy and exciting year for The Irregular Corporation so far, with the launch of Murder By Numbers, the Early Access release of Good Company and partnership announcement of Mars Horizon!

And we are back to tell you we are not stopping there, we have a lot of exciting new things up our sleeves and today we are here to tell you that sign-ups for Balsa Model Flight Simulator closed beta have begun.

If you’re new to Balsa Model Flight Simulator, developer Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe (creator and former lead developer of Kerbal Space Program) has put together an awesome introduction video which shows you the basics of building your first model and how to make it fly successfully…and sometimes not so successfully…


What are the main features of Balsa?

  • In-game Vehicle Editor – Build anything you can imagine using parts that snap together in a hands-on, intuitive way.
  • Paint and Customize your designs – Balsa’s Vehicle Editor allows you to not only build but also paint and apply decals to your vehicles to make them completely your own.
  • A physics-based flight model, ensures your designs behave realistically as they fly (and crash).
  • Single-player career mode – tackle a range of challenges across a variety of maps and earn currency to further improve your aircraft.
  • Free flight sandbox mode where you can hone your skills or enjoy a more relaxed flying experience.
  • Paintball Combat – Create and take your aerial combat machine up against other players in model-scale paintball dogfights.
  • Moddable to Extremes – Balsa was designed from the ground up to support modding and players will be able to add custom content to everything from new planes and parts to maps and modes.
  • A fully supported multiplayer, for up to 16 virtual pilots.

Where can I sign up to the beta?

We have a very simple sign up document here!

Please note: This is a closed beta and we have a limited number of slots available – this will be first come first serve. Once we’ve hit the maximum amount of sign-ups we will close the form. We will be sharing the dates of the closed beta very soon! 

Do not be disheartened if you do not make it into the beta we have much more exciting Balsa news coming!

Where can I find out more about Balsa?

We have a few different places to follow the news of Balsa Model Flight Simulator.

Check out the official Discord

Follow the official Balsa Twitter


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