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PC Building Simulator – a console update (part 5)

Hello PC Builders!

Over the last month we’ve seen renewed hype from players around console development and had fun mirroring that excitement, pushing the boundaries of what we’re cleared to show off whilst things are still in production.

For some extra background including notes on workshops, check out the previous news post here (and this holiday tweet)

In today’s blog we’re going to talk a little bit more about what’s been going on behind the scenes since the developer switch, with special mentions to a recently uncovered bug. Now for the most important sentence in the post: As of writing, with the additional optimisations listed below, we’re on track to have the update out at the end of Q1 (or if there’s any additional extra bumps the very start of Q2).

Further optimisation

Working with our console team we’ve discovered a significant bug in the way the random job generator handles parts data – loading far too many components when creating computers, for PC players it leads to a major memory usage spike whereas for consoles this can cause very long freezes or even crash the unit entirely. Our programming team has a fix in the works, and we believe this will address several existing issues experienced by both PC and console players.

We’re also taking some additional time to adjust meshes of around 600 new parts and some workshop props to improve performance. Since release, the complexity of models has increased significantly and considering recent poorly optimised titles making headlines, this isn’t a process to approach half-heartedly.

Overall, we believe that even if we might have been able to join the trend of release first and fix later, it’s better to aim for something we can all play and be happy with in the first place.

Xbox: Mouse and keyboard

Often alluded to, the community has pointed out existing keyboard support and asked if there will ever be official mouse and keyboard options for Xbox. Today we can confirm that it’s something we’re exploring in conversations with Microsoft and Unity and we are expecting to bring full Mouse/Keyboard support to Xbox alongside the update.

Updated update

Finally, as we’re bringing this up to our current PC patch, in addition to all of the parts and workshops, we’re also including all of the recent fixes from 1.10.1. Console players will gain access to the Cloud Notes App with full multi-language support and a number of collision fixes for some of the more complicated cases.

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