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Mars Horizon’s Expanded Horizons update & Epic Games Store launch, available now!

Mars Horizon has a massive FREE update available right now and we are here to tell you all about it. Expanded Horizons is our biggest update to date with some awesome new features!

We are also very pleased to announce that you can pick the game up on Epic Games Store with 30% off!! What is in the Expanded Horizons Update we hear you screaming, well let us tell you with our overview below:

  • New Mission and Payloads: Mars Perseverance
  • Reusable Vehicles
  • New game modes – Sandbox and the toughest way to play Mars Horizon… Iron Core mode!
  • New Custom Agency logo option – the brand new & fantastic Auroch Digital logo
  • Vehicle packs coming to console
  • Lots of improvements to gameplay

And you’re in luck as the talented folk over at Auroch Digital have done an even bigger breakdown of what’s included over on their blog. 

Click below to pick up Mars Horizon now ↯

Epic Games Store (-30%)
GOG (-30%)
Nintendo Switch (-30%)
Xbox (-30%)

We’ll see you in the space race and don’t forget to share your custom agencies on social media using the hashtag #MarsHorizon!