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1 Year EA Anniversary - Key Art

Good Company’s 1 Year EA Anniversary 🎉

Happy Wednesday TIC tycoons!

Today marks Good Company’s 1 year Early Access anniversary and so, in its honour,  we ask you to don your fanciest hats, wear your swankiest attire, and join us in the upcoming month-long celebration activities!

1 Year EA Anniversary - Key Art

For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to pick up the game yet, Lumo has informed us that Good Company will be Steam’s Daily Deal this Friday 2 April at 25% off and is also 25% off all week in GOG’s Spring Sale 🌸 With the latest update, “Improving Foundations”, there’s never been a better time to jump in and start building the robot manufacturing empire of your dreams. Can you say no to this face?

Lumo - Play Now

What makes this update so exciting?

The Chasing Carrots team have been hard at work listening to the community and taking player feedback on board. This feedback has resulted in these new key features and improvements to the game:

*Brand new* detailed tutorial with step-by-step guides to help you better understand how to build a good company

⭐ Completely redesigned Courier System to give you more control over their settings

⭐ New story elements & 4 new characters

⭐ New achievements connected to the tutorial

⭐ Revamped campaign levels

⭐ Instant access to Freeplay Mode

If you fancy more of an in-depth look at the tutorial and overhauled Courier System, the team has written up a wonderful blog post here!

What’s coming up?

25% Off - GOG

As we’ve mentioned, we have an exciting month coming up 🎉 The Steam Daily Deal with 25% off is on Friday.


The game is also 25% off all week in GOG’s Spring Sale 🌸 You can buy it here!

You can also look forward to:

⭐ A recap of the progress that’s been made on Good Company after 1 year in Early Access

⭐ A special community blog post for our awesome players

⭐ A livestream with a key giveaway where the devs will go head-to-head to find out just who is the BEST tycoon at Chasing Carrots

⭐ An in-depth video showcasing dev insights throughout development

So keep your eyes on Chasing Carrots’ social channels and tune in!

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We’d like to sign off this blog post with a massive thanks to the Good Company community! Your constant feedback has greatly helped to shape Good Company into what it is today and both teams at The Irregular Corp and Chasing Carrots are grateful for your support 💛

Happy Easter tycoons! 🐣


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1 Year EA Anniversary - Key Art