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Good Company Hits Early Access!

Good Company Hits Early Access!

Friendly PSA to tycoons everywhere: Good Company has hit Early Access and is now available on both Steam and GOG! 🎮

Our little robot friend, Lumo, is here to give you a short introduction to the world of Good Company and what you can expect when trying to aim for the skies…

Start off running a small business right out of your garage and become an automation pioneer to create a sprawling robot manufacturing empire that runs like clockwork!

As Lumo points out, you’ll be faced with quite the challenge to achieve your dream – Manage hiring staff, expanding production lines, researching new technologies, inventing new products, and adapting to an ever-evolving market. Can you build a Good Company?

And that’s not all! Chasing Carrots have got lots of great content lined up throughout Early Access. We’ve included a handy roadmap for you to check out below 😊

Good Company - Early Access Roadmap

If you’re interested in Good Company, why not add it to your wishlist or buy it on Steam or GOG? There’s a shiny 10% discount for the first week!

Happy CEO-ing tycoons!

P.S. If creating content is your thing and you’re interested in streaming Good Company, you can request a key over on Keymailer!

Good Company Hits Early Access!