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Good Company - Pre-Order

Good Company Hits Early Access Later This Month!

Attention tycoon fans! We’re thrilled to announce that Good Company is headed to your PCs on 31 March when it enters Early Access. If tycoon management sim games are your thing, then Good Company is right up your alley. We’ll let this swanky new trailer do the talking!

Invent, automate and expand your robot manufacturing empire from the ground up, where you are the CEO.
In Good Company, the aim of the game is to hire staff, expand production lines, research new technologies, and invent new products to profit in an ever-evolving market. Establish your empire and pave a road to success!

Pre-ordering on Steam or GOG nets you a 10% discount and 3 shiny items to make your Good Company THAT much better. Haven’t you always wanted to roam around your gold fountain-filled office in a fancy top hat with a bunny robot sidekick? Yeah, us too.
If this all sounds like your kind of thing and you’d like to support Good Company, you can pre-order or add the game to your wishlist on GOG or Steam right here:
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Good Company - Pre-Order