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Going Medieval Update is now live!

Greetings Settlers!

We are so excited to bring you the news of the most recent update to Going Medieval.

More map for your settlers to, well, settle in to!

With great land comes great responsibility. Pretty sure that’s how that quote goes? Tame the wilds and build a lasting settlement, expand your walls but be mindful of your resources.

Shelving and racks to keep your textiles, medicine and delicious food stockpiled securely!

Who doesn’t enjoy some practical storage solutions? Bookshelves allow you to keep your books organised and on display. Very classy, very educated, very learned.

This, coupled with some changes to stockpiles, means that keeping your settlement’s affairs in order has never been easier.

So much more!

Changes to trebuchets, bug fixes and known issues under investigation, find out more in the official patch notes!