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Education Help

How do I download my software?

Log in to the orders section of your account and use the download link provided.

What kind of installer does the game use?

PC Building Simulator Education Edition uses a signed, standalone .exe installer. There are no tools included for installing or managing licenses across networks.

How do I become an Education customer?

Unfortunately, the Education Edition has now been discontinued.

As an alternative, you can purchase the game either on Steam – or GoG if you need it DRM free to run on your school’s system.


GoG (DRM Free):

How does the Education Edition differ from the standard edition of PC Building Simulator?

We offer the commercial edition of the game through platforms like Steam or GOG and the game needs the client software from those platforms in order to run. As these clients are usually storefronts for a huge variety of games, they are not usually installed in education establishments. For that reason we offer the Education Edition as a standalone version of the game for educational establishments to install.

Are there any tools for measuring or monitoring student progress?

There are currently no tools for monitoring student progress remotely.

I’m having a problem installing or running the Education Edition of PC Building Simulator.

Check that the PC you’re installing the game on meets the minimum specs required to run the game. If your PC meets the minimum specs and you’re still having problems, please email support with details of your problem and we’ll endeavour to assist you.