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Balsa Model Flight Simulator Coming Summer 2020!

It’s been an exciting couple of months for us at The Irregular Corp as we announced some wonderful games such as Murder By Numbers and Paleo Pines. Now before 2019 ends and a new decade begins (and our knees start to make weird noises) we’re delighted to announce that we’re publishing Balsa Model Flight Simulator.  Created by Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe, known for his incredibly well-loved space simulation game Kerbal Space Program, Balsa is a very special simulator.

The announcement trailer shows off the latest gameplay and details the game’s powerful editor. It also includes a variety of environments, and model airplane aerial combat (complete with sweet model airplane loop de loops, of course.)

Named for the Balsa wood known for creating model airplanes, Balsa Model Flight Simulator is a challenging and detailed model flight simulator with a powerful suite of editing tools where you can design, build, fly and battle with model aircraft. Balsa Model Flight Simulator is a virtual flight experience like no other.

Mmmm balsa wood

Pilots are able to construct a wide range of model aircraft in great detail, or design innovative new planes to test their engineering abilities. The game sports a deep model airplane editor allowing would-be model airplane pilots to control every aspect of building kit planes in the game. With deep customization options, pilots will be able to fly in style as they hone their skills in free-flight and challenge modes.

Balsa Model Flight Simulator also features a detailed career mode where pilots can progress through different stages of their career. Various modes include checkpoint flying, combat base defense and attack runs or enjoy a full sandbox mode via online or solo play. We expect a lot of compilation videos of creative and crazy ways players get their model planes stuck in trees.

That’s not even the final form of what you can do in Balsa. The game will also feature a full scenario editor allowing pilots to build and host their own game sessions and choose what activities players progress in online PVP or PVE modes for up to 16 players. Built from the ground up for modding, the game is set to have 4 large map areas at launch for the taking.

You can wishlist Balsa right now on Steam  and  join the Discord. If you want to, be sure to follow us on social media for new gameplay, interviews and secret gaming surprises.

Happy Christmas everyone from the whole squad here at The Irregular Corp. We hope Santa is kind to you and your backlog is not too daunting for 2020.


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